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Engagement and storytelling of your projects are at the heart of our approach.

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Project Storytelling

A multi-sensorial level, stretching far beyond the obvious methods of communication to evoke a deep emotional and intuitive understanding of the solution to any problems.

To escalate the digital-revolution, we aim to build a platform. We begin each project by considering the customer journey and experience, taking a holistic view of all physical and digital touch points.

Qualified Specialists

The pillar of any company’s future is its team.Our creative team wholeheartedly can work on project with utmost dedication.

Individual Approach

Client-centric approach has long been a buzzword in service-oriented industries.We strive to be Client Centric by offering one-stop solutions.

Great Experience

Screens of Routes are fully customizable, which made them perfect for your commercial projects or personal necessity.

Friendly Customer Service

We have trained executives with the accent on both communication etiquette and skills set to provide what you need.

Creativity is the ability to develop noble ideas to solve problems

We are an innovative team, a group of individuals who envision and develop creative solution to problems. We seek to participate in the forthcoming digital transformation. We, here at Orange Box Lab Ltd. develops to transform; and creates the basement for a change.


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